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WCTID Success Story
Read about the successful World Climate Teach-In Day in Ébolowa, Cameroon in english or french.

World Climate Teach-In Day 2010 a Success
Universities and schools from a total of 88 countries downloaded climate lectures provided by this year's World Climate Teach-In Day. To date, more than 45,000 students have potentially been informed through the dedicated lectures which had been downloaded more than 1,600 times. Next year's Climate Teach-In Day will be dedicated to "Climate Change in Africa".

EU Climate Commisioner takes patronage
EU commissioner Mrs Conny Hedegaard is the patron of this years’ world climate teach-in day. Read more about what she has to say.

World Climate Teach-In Day poster
Free download of our World Climate Teach-In Day poster here!
Want a hardcopy for your school or university? Please e-mail a short note with your full contact data to: klima@ls.haw-hamburg.de

Achim Steiner asks students worldwide
UNEP's Achim Steiner asks students worldwide to look hard at the facts, look hard at the challenges but above all concentrate on the opportunities that climate change provides. Watch his video.

What is it all about?
The event will consist of lectures on different aspects of climate change prepared by reknowned experts in the field. The lectures will be prepared in a way that allows the contents to be understood by secondary school and university students. [More]


This section will offer a possibility to discuss about the World Climate Teach-In Day and the presentations.

Adapting education to climate change is adapting ourfuture lifestyle!!Abdeltif EL OUAHRANI2010-06-04 20:07:33
We heard a lot about mitigations and adaptations approaches to climate change, and pulling –sometimes- pushing climate awareness worldwide. Well, the issue here is whether or not we are able “NOW” to adapt our lifestyle to fit the new climate change requirements? If not we hope next generation got the adequate “adaptation-kit” to do so!!!
The World Climate Teach-In day is one of the initiatives that support climate change education in schools through providing multidisciplinary platform to discuss, exchange new ideas and provide innovative teaching materials. ...

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Education in Era of climate changeYing-Shih Hsieh2010-06-04 13:17:09
It is not easy to find a suitable teaching stuff for the education purpose in the elementary schools and universities. An integrated effort is worthwhile for the long run. World climate teach-in day is a more than great project for people who need the better understanding and correct knowledge in the era of climate change. NGOs can play an essential role in this regard. YS from Environmental Quality Protection Foundation, Taiwan.
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Re: Education in Era of climate changeBrigitte Hines2010-06-04 18:02:11
Negotiation without the participation of scientist from non-UN membersYing-Shih Hsieh2010-06-04 13:09:21
It is very curious for me how to participate with the international forum in scientific standpoint if a scientist from non-UN member wants to contribute in the solution of climate change?
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How can Taiwanese people participate in the international climate change forum?Claire Liu2010-06-04 14:05:54
Re: How can Taiwanese people participate in the international climate change forum?Franziska Mannke2010-06-04 14:27:42
Lectures all around the globe - tell us about it!Franziska Mannke2010-06-02 17:31:16
The Teach-In-Day concept, developed by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences as part of the "International Climate Change Information Programme" (ICCIP), has in this year been extended to become a truly global event, namely the "World Climate Teach-In Day" which will involve thousands of schools and universities across the globe.

Tell us your story - what do you do on June 4 for World Climate Teach-In Day?
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Cameroon - University of DschangFranziska Mannke2010-06-02 17:31:58
Gambia - youth-led research and dev't organisation fosters youth engagementFranziska Mannke2010-06-02 17:32:42
Nepal - Trivhuvan UniversityFranziska Mannke2010-06-02 17:33:12
Nigeria - Federal College of Education KanoFranziska Mannke2010-06-02 17:33:53
BrazilWalter Leal2010-06-04 09:11:59
Re: BrazilBrigitte Hines2010-06-04 18:07:41
Cuba- Climate change impacts on the economy and societyWalter Leal2010-06-04 09:35:32
South AfricaWalter Leal2010-06-04 10:23:36
Re: Lectures all around the globe - tell us about it!Ying-Shih Hsieh2010-06-04 13:22:03
Translation of the presentation in Tranditional Chinese from EQPF.Ying-Shih Hsieh2010-06-04 13:25:54
Troubleshooting, technical issuesFranziska Mannke2010-05-28 12:12:56
Experiencing any technical problems? Post your questions here and we'll find a solution.
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Your thoughts about climate changeFranziska Mannke2010-05-28 11:52:21
I think.....
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