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WCTID Success Story
Read about the successful World Climate Teach-In Day in Ébolowa, Cameroon in english or french.

World Climate Teach-In Day 2010 a Success
Universities and schools from a total of 88 countries downloaded climate lectures provided by this year's World Climate Teach-In Day. To date, more than 45,000 students have potentially been informed through the dedicated lectures which had been downloaded more than 1,600 times. Next year's Climate Teach-In Day will be dedicated to "Climate Change in Africa".

EU Climate Commisioner takes patronage
EU commissioner Mrs Conny Hedegaard is the patron of this years’ world climate teach-in day. Read more about what she has to say.

World Climate Teach-In Day poster
Free download of our World Climate Teach-In Day poster here!
Want a hardcopy for your school or university? Please e-mail a short note with your full contact data to: klima@ls.haw-hamburg.de

Achim Steiner asks students worldwide
UNEP's Achim Steiner asks students worldwide to look hard at the facts, look hard at the challenges but above all concentrate on the opportunities that climate change provides. Watch his video.

What is it all about?
The event will consist of lectures on different aspects of climate change prepared by reknowned experts in the field. The lectures will be prepared in a way that allows the contents to be understood by secondary school and university students. [More]

Welcome to the World Climate Teach-In Day

The World Climate Teach-In Day continues in 2011

Dear users: thank you for taking part in the 2010 World Climate Teach-In Day, which has now closed.
Based on the success of this activity, it will be repeated in 2011 under the heading "World Climate Teach-In Day 2011: Climate Change in Africa". The event will be held on Friday the 3rd June 2011 and, as the title implies, will focus on climate issues in Africa.
We look forward to welcoming you to the World Climate Teach-In Day 2011!
The International Climate Change Information Programme Team.

There is a perceived need to foster awareness about climate change in schools and universities and to engage young people and future professionals in the search for local solutions for a problem with has global dimensions. Yet, although much is written and spoken about climate change at scientific circles, little information filters through other levels.Since much can be gained by using scientific information to foster the debate on climate change at schools and universities across Europe, the "World Climate Teach-In Day" will be organized, to held on the 4th June 2010, one day before the World Environment Day, a traditional date in the world environment calendar."